There are those who look

for what is deserved, and they see less and less. There are others who look for what is needed, and they see more and more by their own light.

In this world

there are many loud voices, big ideas, and empty promises. One thing elevates all things in importance. Love uplifts and dignifies all it shines upon and through.

More than twenty years in the writing.

I don't know if that is something to be proud of or embarrassed by, but the truth is, I do not believe I could have written There Is a Light in any other way. This is to say that I do not believe I could have found my way any more directly or any more quickly than I did.

This photograph is of me with our first grandchild in 2017. I am a gemologist, by profession. My wife, Cindy, now retired, was a special education teacher. You will not find stories about diamonds and gems in my book, but there are more than a few about Cindy and my grandfather. They have both been profound examples to me, and my most important teachers.

Encouraging and inspiring, penetrating and enlightening, spare and to the point, There Is a Light marries the transcendent and the practical in the very personal and human ways. Now available on Amazon, clicking on the book image below will take you to its Amazon listing, where you can learn more about There Is a Light. Thank you for your interest.